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If you've tried other salt substitutes, then you probably find it hard to believe that there is one that actually tastes good -- or is even edible. You really do need to taste AlsoSalt.

Using AlsoSalt you are able to reduce salt/sodium in your diet and replace it with essential nutrients that you need in your diet everyday. AND you still get to enjoy the taste of salt. While maintaining a low sodium diet can be difficult, AlsoSalt will help you. It is completely sodium free yet it tastes like salt. And best of all, it does NOT have the bitter aftertaste that all the other salt substitutes have when you use it on/in food. You can cook and bake with it or simply sprinkle it over your food as you would salt. Plus, it has the added dietary benefit of two nutrients, potassium and L-lysine, that are essential for good health. It is completely natural.

We receive many testimonials from people who are using AlsoSalt. We take great delight in knowing how much it is helping people.