Finally, a salt substitute that actually tastes like salt!
AlsoSalt is sodium free with
No bitter aftertaste
All natural ingredients providing nutrients that are essential for good health

AlsoSalt is a salt substitute that isn't salt, but tastes like it. It is completely salt free without the bitter aftertaste that other salt substitutes have when you use it on food. For your low sodium diet, or even salt free diet, you can now salt foods all you like. It tastes great and it's healthy. Its two main ingredients, potassium and lysine are completely natural. Both are nutrients that are essential to good health. You not only remove salt from your diet - you are replacing it with nutrients. Our patented process masks the metallic aftertaste found in other salt substitutes. Use it in cooking, baking, or simply sprinkle it directly on your food as you would salt. AlsoSalt is a "true scientific breakthrough" and holds patents worldwide. AlsoSalt is OU kosher certified.

Your sodium free or low sodium diet can now have flavor again. AlsoSalt gives you the salty taste without the adverse effect on your health. Plus, it has the added dietary benefit of two nutrients, potassium and lysine, that are essential for good health. It is completely natural.

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